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International Conservation Center’s “Picnic with the Elephants!”

It’s great to see that over 450 people attended the International Conservation Center‘s (ICC) “Picnic with the Elephants” event this weekend! We are proud to have been a part of this unique project, located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The facility, billed as “North America’s premier conservation, research, education, breeding and training facility for African elephants,” is operated by the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.
About 8 years ago, our team was selected to provide the civil/site engineering services for the sanctuary. We designed a system for the collection and treatment for animal waste including storage and handling. The project included a water recycling system which collects, conveys and treats water used for the bathing of elephants. Excess wash water is directed to a system where it is treated using recycling sand filters. Upon disinfection, the water is made available for reuse for the care of the elephants.
Our team is proud to have been involved in the design of this facility, the only center of its kind in North America.
H.F. Lenz Team Leaders: Keith Gindlesperger, Bryan Clement, and Richard Agagliati
We hope you get the opportunity to visit this unique sanctuary and learn more about these beautiful and threatened animals!