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Construction Phase Services

Our experienced Field Representatives work diligently to assure compliance with the contract documents, review client standards, monitor the contractor’s performance, and keep the Owner’s personnel informed of the construction progress. They possess a unique blend of qualifications and experience that includes a “hands-on” background in Installation, operations and maintenance along with an in-depth understanding of all engineering. design principles.

Our Field Representatives also have excellent communication skills, sound judgment, and a knack for maintaining good relationships with others and supporting a collaborative environment. They are able to gain the respect and cooperation of contractors, resolve any possible minor issue /dispute quickly, and avoid adversarial relationships that can lead to project delays.

Construction Phase
Construction Phase

Our Construction Phase Services Include:

  • ​Construction cost estimating and review
  • Coordination between trades at the site and with the engineer’s office, the architect’s office, the owner, and all applicable agencies
  • Monitor and observe construction workmanship, materials, and equipment to
    ensure conformity with contract documents
  • Review and interpret applicable code compliance during construction
  • Attend and record minutes of construction and coordination meetings
  • Evaluate and approve contractor’s requests for payment
  • Evaluate contractor’s estimates for changes in the contract price
  • Approve / disapprove vendor / contractor shop drawings
  • Maintain accurate field records and reports
  • Perform construction observations and field surveys for work conformance
  • System evaluations including equipment operation schedules, equipment problems, and building operations

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