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Welcome to the H.F. Lenz Team

We celebrated our 2021 new hires with an in-house luncheon at our Johnstown Headquarters. We are proud to welcome these 19 talented professionals to our team!

  • Grace Bailey – Mission Critical Team
  • David Bennett – Lancaster Office Team
  • Hattie Charney – Mission Critical Team
  • Kathy Keller – Office Support
  • Ethan Garcia – Higher Education Team
  • Jacob Landi – Mission Critical Team
  • Jacob McMunn – Higher Education
  • Nicole Miller – Civil Team
  • Matthew (Matt) Nesbit, EIT – Structural Team
  • Kelsey Hunsberger-Najjar – Marketing Team
  • Travis Najjar – Higher Education Team
  • Stephen Patterson – Mission Critical Team
  • Brayden Shick – Ohio Team
  • Brody Shuty – Heath Care Team
  • Justin Simanski – Mission Critical Team
  • Ethan Sprigg – Mission Critical Team
  • Tyler Trostle – Higher Education Team
  • Karen Whittaker – Mission Critical Team
  • Dylan Wright – Mission Critical Team

Welcome to our team!

It’s been a busy year and we are still looking for a few more professionals to join our team, check out our careers page to learn more about our open positions:

Contact our Chad Manippo for more information on our job openings, or to discuss internship opportunities!