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VAMC – Philadelphia

Steam and Chilled Water Upgrade

  • This project included
    • Comprehensive master plan
      • Technical evaluation of Building No. 1 and site conditions in the 11-acre, 25-building medical complex
    • Final design
      • Retrofit of 145,000 SF in the existing primary building
      • New 240-bed nursing home care unit
      • 680,000 SF clinical addition
      • New 500-car parking garage
      • New chiller building
  • Key features of the project included:
    • New 3,500 SF chiller building, three new 950-ton centrifugal chillers, a new motor control center, and rooftop cooling towers
    • New direct-burial steam lines are extended from the existing boiler plant to the chiller plant from the chiller plant to the existing hospital, the steam lines and the chilled water lines are installed in an underground, walk-through tunnel. The tunnel provides easy access between buildings and for piping maintenance
    • Replacement and relocation of direct-burial, high-pressure steam distribution, pump discharge, and condensate return piping
    • Installation of several new hot water heating systems including steam-to-water heat exchangers, pressure reducing valves, temperature control valves, pumps, piping, terminal devices and accessories
    • Direct digital automatic temperature control system controls to monitors all major mechanical equipment
  • Steam Line Replacement
    • Engineering services associated with the replacement of 300 linear  feet of 8-inch high pressure (125 lbs) steam pipe, 4-inch pumped condensate pipe, and 4-inch high pressure condensate pipe were provided
    • Existing direct buried pipes were replaced with a shallow trench concrete system with removeable lids
    • Multiple manholes were provided for steam service to two small buildings and for the expansion joints
    • Project included a phasing plan and temporary service which kept the hospital operational during the construction of the new system