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UPMC – Bedford

Boiler and Chiller Replacement

  • Boiler Replacement
    • Engineering services provided include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural design
    • Replacement of two coal fired boilers with three 200 BHP gas fired boilers, DA tank, and condensate tank
    • Addition of a 10,000-gallon fuel oil tank
    • Enlargement of existing door opening to accommodate the new boilers, and modification of the coal storage bin to house the third boiler, which included a new garage door for access and man door for egress
  • Chiller Replacement
    • New pumping system designed to allow for pumps to operate on VFD based on system pressures
    • Larger three way diverting chilled water valves were replaced while the smaller fan coil diverting valves were remained for a future fan coil replacement project
    • The modular chillers provided for 8 stages, thus increase partial load efficiencies which the chillers operated the majority of the time
    • 100-ton spare capacity for future expansion
    • Capacity of the emergency generators were studied and two of the four chillers were added to the emergency system
    • Temporary chillers were designed to be connected to the system until testing of the new chillers was completed in case there was a failure of one of the chillers to be demolished