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UPMC: Altoona

Renovation and Expansion of the Emergency Department and Radiology Department

  • Emergency Department totaling 18,000 SF
  • Radiology Department totaling 13,000 SF
  • Was completed in 3 major phases plus multiple sub phases to allow both departments to continue to operate
  • Design includes 2 new custom AHU’s with energy reclaim for general exhaust
    • ED unit is designed to permit the ED to go into 100% outside air for bioterrorism or other infectious disease outbreak
    • Energy reclaim is glycol runaround loop system
    • Isolation exhaust was via separate plume fans
    • Both AHU’s were designed to permit the crossover in the event of one unit down for maintenance or other failure
  • Expansion and upgrade of the medical gas systems and a new electrical distribution from the main switchgear in the Tower Building