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Uniontown Hospital

  • New 4-story, 75,000 SF facility
  • Building Automation System
  • Central Chilled Water Plant (Chillers, “Free Cooling” Heat Exchanger, Cooling Towers and Pumps)
  • Steam Boiler Plant and Distribution
  • Hot Water Heating System (Pumps, Converters, Terminal Equipment)
  • Variable and Constant Volume Air Handling Systems (AHU-1 through AHU-5 and associated Variable Air Volume with Reheat Terminals)
  • Domestic Service Water Heating System
  • Lighting Control System (Lighting Control Panel, Occupancy Sensors and Switches)
  • Fire Alarm and Detection System Interface with BAS and HVAC Equipment
  • Emergency Power System including the Generator, Automatic Transfer Switch and the interface with BAS and HVAC Equipment