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U.S. Air Force, 911th Airlift Wing – Building 129

Hangar Building 129

  • New controls for the overhead crane
  • Replaced the boiler and controls, heat exchanger and ventilation system
  • Provisions were made for the unit heaters and convectors
  • Installed a foam system in the hangar bay and a wet pipe system in the shops
  • Replaced the water heater, domestic water piping, and compressed air system
  • Installed a water meter and dryer for the compressed air system
  • New automatic fire detection system was installed in the hangar bay and shops
  • Replaced the hangar bay light fixtures and shop light fixtures
  • Replaced the emergency lighting and exit eigns
  • Conversion of the existing tool crib room to the hydraulic testing room
  • New addition to accommodate the equipment support shop, office, women’s restroom and expansion of the mechanical room for the foam system
  • Men’s restroom and showroom upgrades
  • The existing women’s restroom and office were converted to the hydraulic/pneudraulic shop
  • Replaced concrete slab-on-grade sections in the hangar bay in the location of the aircraft jacking points