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Torrance State Hospital

Torrance State Hospital is an inpatient ‎mental ‎health facility. The project involved replacing the site ‎electrical distribution system that serves each building on campus and ‎‎includes the demolition and replacement of the main campus switch gear, medium ‎voltage distribution ‎cabling, individual building service transformers, and low ‎voltage main distribution panelboards within each ‎buildin. ‎During the survey phase, there was an assessment for the condition of the existing mechanical and electrical systems ‎and determine if any of them have substantial usable life remaining and whether there is ample capacity to ‎support the future needs of the building.

The site investigation included:

  • Assessing the current system capacities
  • Comparing equipment life to estimated life expectancy ‎
  • Review inefficient system operations
  • Determining if the installed equipment sizes are properly sized or oversized
  • Review of the building’s automatic temperature control system ‎
  • Review of existing site topography and site conditions
  • Rodding of the existing electrical conduits was also performed in the schematic design phase to ensure the ‎existing spare conduits were usable

The project also includes the addition of exterior, full-building diesel generators for six patient ‎buildings.