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The Street at the Meadows

  • New mixed-use development with 100 apartments above two major restaurants and 18 retail tenants
  • Retail space design include:
    • Mechanical systems serving the ground floor retail spaces consist of a split system electric DX constant volume air handling unit to serve each retail space
    • Provisions were made for kitchen hood grease exhaust for each restaurant.
    • A 1000 KVA, 480V secondary service is designed to provide service to each of the retail spaces on the First Floor
    • New ordinary hazard automatic wet fire sprinkler systems are installed throughout the retail and restaurant spaces
  • Residential Apartment Units design included:
    • Vertical Terminal Heat Pumps are provided in a closet on an outside wall for heating and cooling
    • Outside Air/Makeup Air for the apartments is supplied from a Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) Roof Top Unit (RTU) located on the roof
    • Electric Service to each apartment is provided with a single phase 150A, 208Y/120V panel
    • Fire sprinkler piping located on the apartment level floors is CPVC Blazemaster piping, which is extended and connected to new quick response semi-recessed pendent and sidewall fire sprinklers that are located in the apartment spaces