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SCI Somerset

A medium security prison with ten housing ‎units comprising 621,609 SF. Due to age, many original mechanical systems were obsolete, no longer ‎supported, and approaching planned end-of life.

Project elements included: 

  • Design for three (3) 600 BHP rated water tube boilers to supplement and coordinate output with hot water ‎demand
  • Provide low NOx, dual fuel burners
  • Provide new boiler and plant master controls and SCADA system with HDMI for all boiler and supporting ‎systems including a means to measure and document fuel usage, energy output, and emissions from each ‎boiler
  • Replace all piping, valves and fittings for all hot water systems required to support boiler plant operations
  • Provide a means to convey and use fuel oil from emergency generator underground storage tank to each ‎boiler
  • Upgrade plant ventilation and combustion air systems
  • Provide new chemical treatment and filtering systems
  • Upgrade BAS and provide electrical system modifications ‎
  • Provide construction cost estimates
  • Start-up and commissioning of boiler plant and systems

The project also included replacement of rooftop heating and cooling units on two inmate-housing units, and ‎replacement in-kind of existing aging tertiary hot water pumps.