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SCI Mahanoy

Repairs and Renovations to Switchgear and Generators

  • Engineering services for this project include:
    • ‎‎Upgrade two existing 1 MWCaterpillar generators to two 2 MW generators
    • Decommissioning of the existing generators
    • Replace generator switchgear, with new switchgear that will has remote annunciation to be located in the adjacent Utility Plant Maintenance Office
    • Equipment to assist in the Green Government initiative
    • A load study performed for proper sizing of the generators
    • Provide two means of installation of generators in lieu of temporary generator(s) during construction
    • Ensure new equipment is compatible and works seamlessly with existing equipment and systems
    • Replacement of the 4160V switchgear utility breaker A & B and the 480V main electrical distribution panel board chillers & utility plant
    • Replacement of the 480V electrical panel in maintenance feeding buildings 1-6
    • Replacement of the 480V electrical panel in education building feeding buildings 7-10