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SCI Benner Township

New 530,000 SF ‎facility consists of 26 individual buildings strategically placed on an 88-acre site to accommodate a housing capacity of 2,000 inmate beds and functions as the central ‎transportation hub of all of the Commonwealth’s correctional facilities


The electrical services for the prison facility included:

  • ‎‎47 kV double ended main-tie-main service entrance with campus-wide dual loop feed underground ‎distribution systems
  • ‎‎6000 kW of standby power providing 100% back-up to the entire facility via three 2000KW, 12.47 kV ‎diesel generators. Stand-by power is tied into the facilities 12.47 kV campus underground distribution ‎system via 15kV paralleling switchgear.‎
  • ‎Campus-wide metering/monitoring system with PLC control of remote circuit breakers featuring touch-‎screen human interface
  • ‎Campus-wide fire alarm system with fiber optic backbone
  • Integrated low-voltage lighting control