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SAIA Motor Freight Line LLC.

  • Engineering Services for over 100 SAIA Terminals across the United States
  • Projects have included:
    • 3,000 SF Office Expansions for various facilities
    • Dock Expansions
    • New Driver’s Lounge/Restroom Areas
    • Pavement Modifications
    • Stormwater Improvements
  • New Construction for:
    • Dallas, TX – New 40,000 SF ‎transfer facility addition 10,000 SF of new office ‎space and restrooms in three separate locations
    • Austin, TX – New 13,000 SF. ‎transfer facility addition to the existing dock, and 2,000 SF of new office space and restrooms
    • Fort Worth, TX – New 31,000 ‎SF transfer facility addition, 2,000 SF of ‎new office space and restrooms, new 14,000 SF ‎standalone shop area for truck maintenance
    • Beech Island, SC – New 2,000 ‎SF transfer facility addition, and a 4,000 SF renovation of the existing office space and restrooms