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Manuel Rivero Hall Gymnasium

  • Renovation of the 98,950 SF gymnasium complex for use by the basketball, baseball, track and field, volleyball and football teams
  • Basketball Court Updates
    • Increase seating capacity to 3,000 occupants
    • Improve accessibility and create crowd control security system
    • Designed to meet NCAA and Title IX requirements
    • Enlarge Press Box
    • Upgrade audio and visual systems
    • Maximize the flexibility of the assembly space so it can still function as a basketball court as well as for events, such as commencement or track and field practice
  • Main Entrance Ticket Booth Upgrades
    • Crowd control and security measures
    • Hall of Fame
  • Locker Rooms and Athletic Room improvements including security upgrades and technology enhancement for athletic group meetings
  • Offices, student areas, and public meeting spaces including kitchenettes and lounges
  • Conversion of the main level of the natatorium to a turf field
  • New 100-seat auditorium for film viewing
  • Upgrade the MEP/FP infrastructure for entire building to provide better security, energy efficiency, and building automation
  • PA system, video, and audio infrastructure upgrades to allow for current and future technology requirements
  • New fire protection system of the entire building