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Joseph F. Weis Jr., US Courthouse

Projects completed at the historic, 900,000 SF 14-story U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Pittsburgh include:

Ramp/Loading Dock.  Evaluated a deteriorating concrete beam and slab structure which is utilized as a ramp and loading dock. The concrete was beginning to crumble and fall onto railroad/trolley tracks below. Final design included repairs to the concrete structure and temporary wood shielding to protect the tracks.

Lighting and Window Study.  Energy analysis of various windows and lighting fixture replacement options. The study included electrical savings for various lighting system retrofit and replacement options as well as savings resulting from the lowered cooling load. Window options were reviewed and accepted by the State Historic Preservation Office.

Fire Alarm System.  New fully-addressable and fully-supervised fire alarm system connecting more than 1,000 devices with digital communication to computerized multiplex panels. Includes battery back-up, audio and visual signaling, elevator recall, fire fighter’s command center with phone system, voice evacuation, central digital readout, and back-up printer.

New Chiller Plant.  Two new 780-ton chillers, pumps, plate/frame heat exchanger for free cooling, primary/secondary piping, and miscellaneous electrical modifications

New Cooling Towers.  Replacement of existing cooling towers with three new 520-ton cells.

Structural Modifications.  Structural slab reinforcement to accommodate new U.S. Marshal Service cell block. Included installation of steel beams to support linear loads of grout filled, reinforced concrete masonry unit walls and concrete ceiling.

New Fitness Center.  New track-level fitness center including fitness rooms and locker/toilet facilities.