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Island Sports Complex

Island Sports Complex Renovations

  • 140,000 SF sports center renovations
  • HVAC upgrades for
    • Two indoor rinks
    • One NHL size
    • One Olympic size indoor rink
    • One outdoor ice rink
  • Assessment and design services provided
    • Refurbished the ice rink HVAC system
    • Demand control ventilation system for removal of the Zamboni exhaust from the indoor rinks
    • Snow melt for around the rinks where the Zamboni enters and exits the ice
    • Installation of ice melt systems for the Zamboni ice pits
    • heating and ventilation for the outdoor rink locker rooms
    • Replacement of the domestic water heating system for the public areas and locker rooms
    • Island Sports Center Munters HVAC unit study
    • Island Sports Center Munters humidity control system
    • Island Sport Center domestic hot water system modifications study and design
    • Stadium heating system evaluation