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Erie Federal Building & Courthouse

The 150,000 SF Erie Federal Building complex occupies an entire city block. The courthouse complex ‎chilled water plant consists of two 250-ton water-cooled chillers that supplies chilled water to all five of ‎the complex structures. The electrical distribution system includes a new electrical ‎service to the ‎annex building and, in turn, power is distributed ‎from in the mechanical penthouse on top of the new ‎annex‎. These units serve the existing courthouse, the courthouse annex, the Baker Building, and the ‎connector link. The air handling units are located in the basement of the buildings and in the ‎mechanical penthouse on top of the new annex. The existing Library was treated separately with the ‎exception of being served by the central heating and cooling plants.‎

Other key features of the project include:

  • Phasing of construction to allow the courthouse functions to continue while the construction was underway
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency features including lighting fixtures, mechanical equipment, refrigerant type, HVAC and electrical controls, etc. were all selected using energy efficiency as one of the highest priorities
  • Life safety systems including fire alarm, fire protection and egress/ exit lighting were integrated into both existing and new portions of the complex without detracting the historic fabric and new architectural finishes