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Cope Hall Athletic Facilities

  • Indoor Performance Facilities 1 and 2
    • Each consist of 65,000 SF
    • Two indoor fields each with a variable sport flooring system and portable artificial turf (Fields 1 and 2)
  • Two-story support space
  • Annex renovation – including locker rooms, showers and support facilities
  • Upgrades to existing outdoor fields
    • NCAA 400 meter 8-lane asphalt running tack
    • Outdoor artificial turf field (Field 3)
    • Electrical distribution system to support track lighting, scoreboards, and A/V equipment
  • Provisions for future outdoor fields

Design Strategies Incorporate:

  • Lean Principles – Focusing on collaboration and continuous improvement while delivering customer value through streamlined processes
  • Pull Planning
  • Target Value Design
  • Continuous Estimating
  • Big Room Teaming Events