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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

New Central Boiler/Chiller Plant and Utility Tunnel

  • Services provided for the consolidation of two existing steam boiler plants and multiple chiller locations into a new 14,000 SF central chiller/boiler plant include
    • Engineering design
    • Construction administration
    • Commissioning services
  • The new central plant provides energy efficient, flexible, ‎and redundant heating and cooling capabilities for the entire ‎‎850,000 SF campus‎.
  • Key features of the project include:
    • 3 new 1200-ton centrifugal chillers and a new variable primary pumping system
    • 1500-kW emergency generator providing backup power for one chiller and all boilers; space is allotted for a second generator
    • Plate frame heat exchanger providing 1,000-tons of free cooling
    • 3 new 700-BHP and one new 500-BHP, 125-psi steam boilers with oil/natural gas capability
    • Complete DDC plant controls interfaced with the campus building automation system
    • New 20,000-gallon on0site fuel oil storage
  • New Utility Tunnel
    • New 600-ft. walk-through utility tunnel
    • Two 20-in. chilled water lines, two 10-in. high-pressure steam lines, one 2-in. high-pressure return line, one 4-in. pump discharge line
    • 400-ft. pedestrian tunnel next to utility tunnel