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Balanced Care

New Assisted Living Centers

  • 32 new assisted living centers in 8 different states
  • Each unit consists of a private bathroom with an ADA-acceptable shower
  • Common spaces consist of:
    • Dining room
    • Therapy area
    • Beauty salon
    • Living room
    • Club rooms
  • Services provided include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural engineering
  • Key features of the projects include:
    • Pre-engineered roof truss system
    • Coordination with the truss fabricator in evaluating the most economical roof truss layout
    • Adapting prototype design to various geographical, geotechnical, and climatic conditions
    • Addition of features to prototypes to conform to local code requirements of each location
    • Alternate designs to determine the most economical construction method for the various regions
    • Individual through-the-wall HVAC units
    • Air handling units in attic spaces
    • Entirety of building is protected with quick response sprinkler heads for life safety
    • Living suites are provided with telephone and cable television, as well as provisions for an emergency call system to be installed by the owner
    • Lighting fixtures are surface or wall mounted
    • Provisions are made for the future installations of a departure alert system