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Altoona Hospital

New Central Plant and Distribution Systems

  • Conducted study and received authorization for the design of a new 10,000 SF boiler/chiller plant and tunnel-installed distribution system
  • Services provided include all architectural and engineering design, site development, construction administration, and commissioning
  • Boiler Plant
    • Designed to generate high-pressure steam at 125 psi
    • System is comprised of four 400-BHP fire tube boilers with the infrastructure sized for a fifth boiler
    • Provisions for expansion allow for a future cooling capacity of 2400 tons and a future boiler plant capacity of 2000 BHP
    • Provided with complete monitoring and energy management controls
  • Chilled Water System
    • Consists of two 800-ton electric centrifugal chillers with space allocated for an additional 800-ton machine
    • Various redundancies are designed into the central plant to keep it going online in the event of a failure of a key component
    • High-pressure steam and chilled water are routed from the new central plant to the main hospital building via a 7-ft. by 7-ft. walk-through utility tunnel approximately 300-ft. in length
    • Tunnel is equipped with electric power for lighting and ventilation requirements
  • Careful coordination and planning was required in the area where the tunnel crosses under the main loading dock roadway that had to be kept open during construction