Energy Services

Our Energy Consulting services focus on optimizing a building’s overall performance by integrating a high level of energy efficiency with long term sustainability and functionally. Our LEED® Accredited Professionals perform energy audits, ENERGY STAR® and LEED® administration services, energy modeling and analysis, and sustainable (green) design for all types of buildings and facilities. We also investigate—and when practical incorporate—renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar into our designs.

Building Systems Modeling and Analysis

Our engineers perform energy modeling and analysis for new construction, renovation projects, and energy conservation upgrades. During the design of any energy using systems, H.F. Lenz Company prepares energy models to evaluate and compare how decisions on building compounds, such as window selections, lighting controls, and equipment selections, impact the buildings overall energy use and life cycle cost.

Green Globesä – Design Services

Green Globesä, developed by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), is an alternative to the LEED® rating system. It evaluates energy, water usage, materials and resources, emissions, site design, and indoor environment, and uses a convenient online interactive assessment process to submit project design criteria. Once the project is complete, a third party reviewer visits the site to evaluate the project and verify that the Green Globes certification measures have been met. For additional information, visit:

Building Energy Quotient (bEQ)® labeling program

bEQ® is a building energy labeling program developed by ASHRAE that allows commercial building owners zero in on opportunities to lower building operating cost and make informed decisions to increase value. bEQ® is designed to be the next step above an ENERGY STAR® label and includes more analyses and detail on facility improvements. For additional information, visit:

Measurement and Verification

H.F. Lenz Company is experienced in the development and implementation of Measurement and Verification (M&V) Plans. These plans are used for determining energy savings in new construction and retrofit projects. The M&V plan covers energy conservation measures implemented into the project to compare actual energy consumption as compared to the projected usage over time and requires a working relationship between the design engineers and building operations staff.

Services Include:

  • ​Energy Modeling and Analysis
    • Building Systems Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    • Federal Tax Deductions for Commercial Buildings (EPAct 2005)
    • LEED® – Energy & Atmosphere – Optimize Energy Credit
  • Energy Studies and Building Energy Audits (ASHRAE Level I, II, & III)
  • Measurement and Verification Planning
  • Building System Commissioning and Testing
  • ENERGY STAR® Label – Professional Engineering Verification
  • Building Energy Quotient (bEQ®) Labeling
  • Green GlobesäDesign and Consulting
  • LEED® Design and Consulting
Energy Services


H.F. Lenz Company has been ranked in the “Top 100 Green Design Firms” in the country for five years by ENR Magazine . We have been a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and working with LEED® certification since 2000.

In addition, we also became an ENERGY STAR® Partner Firm in 2008, and have completed the validation services for several projects which have attained an ENERGY STAR®Building Label. We also offer Green Globesä design services and are involved with the Building Energy Quotient (bEQ)® labeling program.

Our firm has gained a high level of knowledge in the green building process and we possess the experience to successfully apply these principles to all building projects, whether they are designed to attain one of the certifications listed above or not.

We strive to strengthen our commitment to sustainability by developing creative solutions throughout our projects, aiming to make a positive impact on the community in which we are working.